week 6 Inheritance and Polymorphism Java Solution

Assignment Instructions

Inheritance and Polymorphism
1.Key in the PolyMain, Book, Almanac, and Novel classes defined in this module of the course. Once you get each of these classes keyed in, make sure they compile and execute properly. Then create a third subclass called Phone that also extends the Book class. The Phone class should keep track of the number of yellow pages and the number of white pages in each phone book. Make sure the Phone subclass you create has a print method having the same signature as the print method in the Book class. The print method from the Phone class should print the title of the book, followed by the number of yellow pages and white pages contained within the phone book. Thus, the print method should have the following signature:
public void print();
The Phone class should also have a constructor having the following signature:
public Phone(String title, int whitePages, int yellowPages);
This constructor should sum up whitePages + yellowPages to get the total number of pages in the book. Remember the total pages in the book and the title of the book are set in the constructor for the Book class.
Modify the PolyMain class to create at least one of your phone books and store it in the library. You should now be able to print the library without having to modify the print method defined within the PolyMain class.
2.You may use any Java IDE you choose to develop your source code, compile and link your code, and execute your program (jGRASP is recommended). Or you may use the Windows Command Prompt.
3.You are to submit the following deliverables in a single Microsoft Word file in this order, and clearly labeled.
•A screen snapshot of your Java source code (all file(s) shown separately) displayed in the IDE or Windows editor showing a successful compilation, if possible (only the beginning of the source file(s) is necessary).
•A listing of your entire source code file(s).
•A screen snapshot of all of your program's outputs for the specified values in Step #1. Failure to show all of the output will result in lost points. In order to not confuse the grading process, and possibly lose points, do not include any other outputs aside from what is requested.
Your instructor will compile and run your program to verify its correctness.
You will be evaluated on (in order of importance):
•Following directions, and inclusion and packaging of all deliverables in Step #3.
•Correct execution of your program (this includes proper compilation). This also includes getting the correct answers!
•Proper commenting of your Java code and indentation (as specified in the text).
•Neatness in packaging of your deliverables (including putting the items in Step #3 in the correct order).

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