WooCommerce Email Attachments 3.0.8 Extension

WooCommerce Email Attachments 3.0.8 Extension

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WooCommerce Email Attachments Extension Version : 3.0.8

The Email Attachments Extension for WooCommerce lets you add attachments to your WooCommerce emails.

WooCommerce Email Attachments Extension Why You Need It:

Do you have specs sheets, marketing promo or other critical information you need to send customers as file attachments? For many, attaching files to emails is common practice and critical to the organization’s workflow. With the WooCommerce Email Attachments Extension, now you can.

WooCommerce Email Attachments Extension How It Works:

This Extension lets you upload file attachments and assign those attachments to your WooCommerce emails. For instance, you could automatically attach a pdf of Support Documentation to the completed order email your clients receive.

Support for WooCommerce Subscriptions Extension and WooCommerce Booking Extension?
Yep. In fact, WooCommerce Email Attachments Extension can be used with any emails generated by Extensions that utilize the WooCommerce email API.

Support for WPML WordPress Multilingual Plugin?
Yes indeed. Assign any email attachment to one, several or all languages. Use the WooCommerce Email Attachments Extension to translate notification headline and text into any WPML language.

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