The transition to the use of Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) within the organization will be implemented shortly.  Upon its implementation there will be changes to the organization network system and the users.  Training will be provided on the usage of the PKI to the network administrator and the will provide the training to the users. 

The Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) is a form of cryptographic technique used to grant and authenticate passwords sent through a network.  It accomplishes this by the use of hardware, programs, personnel policies, management of distribution of digital certificates, usage, and storage.  As stated by Lim, Paterson, 2011, “Typically, a government-owned or –supportednational-level certificate authority (CA) is employed, withparticipating institutions acting as registration authorities(RAs), with responsibility for enrolling their own users.” pg. 16.  Each user will be assigned a Certificate Authority (CA) to access the network after the PKI is implemented.  The usage of the PKI will assist in the security policies and integrity of organizations networ
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