GEO 215 Week 3 Culture Essay

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 GEO 215 Week 3 Culture Essay

In this assignment, you will have the opportunity to choose 2 different topics to research and share your findings on different aspects of culture.

Write a 700-word essay in which you research and discuss 2 of the following topics. Cover each topic equally.




Explain whether the United States has its own culture or if it is a culture that has been created by mixing other cultures together. Provide specific examples in your response.


Describe at least three geographic or cultural factors that would stop one country’s culture from spreading and mixing into another county’s culture. Provide a solution for each factor identified.


Define popular culture, and discuss the reasons popular culture is widely distributed. Provide specific examples from the United States, Europe, Africa, South America, and Asia.


Explain the emergence of folk or ethnic cultures in the development of a modern state. Describe with specific examples how a folk or ethnic culture can maintain customs and traditions with the influence of popular culture in today’s world.


Include at least 2 peer-reviewed resources/references. One of the resources can be the course text.

Format your essay according to APA guidelines.

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