Ask the Angels

Ask the Angels

This book was written as a guide to working with beautiful spirits, Angels and Archangels and the God Consciousness as a guide to releasing negative spirits, escorted by Angels, into the Light.

Follow these pages and find the great journey that awaits you. Working with the God Consciousness is a magnificent obsession that will elevate your consciousness to never expected heights. You will amaze yourself when you check the very next day and see the discarnate entity attachments have been taken into the Light, and all you had to do was ask.

This book describes a method of releasing discarnate entities, the unclean spirits of old. It is called the Intermediary Method of Spirit Release. The Intermediary Method uses a pendulum as the intermediary, and as a link to Mother-Father-God. The pendulum has the reputation as the most accurate method of divining spiritual information.

This book is not a page-turner. It is a spiritual guide to developing one’s skills for sending earthbound entities into the Light. You will be relieving the greatest amount of human suffering on earth. One out of six living humans has an average in excess of 670 attached discarnate entities.

The book in your hands will transform your understanding of the universe, the energies involved and totally change the way you look at things today.
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