ECO365 Current Market Conditions Competitive Analysis Revised

Current Market Conditions Competitive Analysis

Android operating system is one of Google’s many products available in the market and its popularity grows bigger as technology expands and more cell phone manufacturers opt to choose Android as their operating system.  The competition is hard as Android faces operating systems such as Apple’s iOS, Window’s for Microsoft and Blackberry.  Although in some cases the company’s geography matters while conducting business, the case is not the same for this particular product because of the nature of the product.  However, the company’s location is in California where they conduct testing, software updates, new technologies and amongst other work performed by Google in order to continue providing a great service to their customers.  Luckily for Google, they are operating from a great location, which works to their advantage considering they are in the same area other top technological companies conduct their business and demand for programmers software developers, and engineers is becoming increasingly higher than ever before. 
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