PLAYTIME 🎵 Download Logic Pro X Template (Jon Brooks) Kids Instrumental Music

Logic Pro X Project Template Download for Jon Brooks' music instrumental "Playtime". Happy children’s music. Playful, bouncy and quirky instrumental music. Fun, catchy, upbeat and positive. Imagine Willy Wonka or a kid’s TV theme. Music composed, orchestrated and produced in Logic Pro X.

LPX Template
Download Size: 12.3 MB
Uncompressed size: 18.8 MB

Sample Libraries
- Logic Pro Factory (E-Piano)
- Logic Pro Factory (UltraBeat)
- Logic Pro Factory (EXS24)
- Metamorphosis 2
- London Orchestral Percussion
- Vienna Instruments
- Hans Zimmer Guitars
- SAM True Strike 1
- Vienna Symphonic Library Strings PRO
- Synthogy Ivory (Piano)

Track Duration: 0:30

Note: It is likely that you will have to replace some of the instruments for similar ones unless you have them all yourself; otherwise playback might be a little different. Some audio files are included but not the sample libraries.

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