Basket Weaving Essentials with Nadine Spier

Learn how to coil exquisite baskets with award-winning fiber artist Nadine Spier. Beginners and experienced basketmakers will enjoy the clear, concise instructions, abundance of information, and excellent HD close-up photography. She even gives instructions for left-handed weavers!  

Some of the exciting things you will learn in this 2 hour video are:

Different plants you can weave
How to collect and prepare pine needles
Starting a basket around a mounted object (stone, etc)
Starting a basket around anything with holes (walnut slices, jewelry)
Swirling Basic Stitch that lines up on both sides of the basket
Solid Wrap Stitch,
Inserting beads between coils (Mariposa Stitch)
How to shaping sides, taper down and finish final coil, and LOTS more!!!
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