Crystal & Gem Healing

Healing properties of over 70 gems & crystals. This book explains easily the healing properties of various gems & crystals including charts & healing purposes.Perfect for beginners and advanced crystal therapists alike. - As far back as mythology and time extends, we have been fascinated with crystals and gemstones. We love them for their beauty, their ability to be created under immense conditions and how they resonate with energies and assist in healing.Have you ever wondered whether there may be an unseen power within crystals, take a crystal journey with Lesley and discover how to experience these energies first hand. In this book we explore: Healing properties of over 70 gems & crystals Chinese Year of Birth Stones Planetary Stones Month Birth Stones Anniversaries 1-100 & the corresponding stone Emotional Healing Charts for gems & Crystals Psychospiritual Healing Charts for gems & Crystals Crystal & Gem Healing Book An easy to read reference book (soft coral color). Descriptions of over 75 different gems and crystals and the healing properties of each. physical ailments chart, Anniversaries 1 - 100, Birth Stones, Planetary Stones and Chinese Year of Birth Stones.
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