A+ Paper

Part 1

Interview a certified elementary or middle school teacher about the school’s behavior expectations for students, the school’s behavior management program, and how these expectations are shared and made visible across the campus and in the classroom.

Your interview questions should probe:

The type, number, and degree to which the expectations are stated in positive language and the rationales for these expectations
The forms and locations in which the expectations are posted on the school grounds and in the classroom
How expectations are initially taught, reinforced, and monitored schoolwide and at the classroom level
How students who enroll after the start of the year are taught the school’s behavioral expectations
The teacher’s reflections on the overall degree of effectiveness of his or her school’s behavior-management program
The teacher’s recommendations for changes to the school’s behavior-management program based on personal experiences
Ask additional questions and follow-up questions as appropriate. Retain a copy of the questions asked and responses received.

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