Select a research

Select a research

Select a research issue, problem, or opportunity that could benefit from hypothesis testing. It may be an issue related to your work or it may a more global type of problem.  Develop a research hypothesis that describes what you believe to be a true statement concerning the issue.  Your issue should be one that can be tested using the techniques of hypothesis testing. Write a brief document that describes your problem and how you intend to obtain the data.  In Week 5, you will write a paper that describes the results of performing this hypothesis test.

You may obtain your own data (highly recommended) or you can make use of a published data set that is found in the text, online, or found with StatDisk or Stat Crunch. Be sure that if you do, you will be able to meet all the expectations of the Project Assignment. 

Your paper should be brief, and does not need to adhere to APA format.  It should cover the following:

1.  A statement of your research hypothesis (the statement that you believe to be a true statement).  It should a statement about the value of a parameter in a population that you are interested in learning about.  (5 points)

2. A correct statement of the null and alternative hypothesis that will be used to test your research hypothesis (5 points)

3. A description of where you will obtain the data for your paper (5 points)

4. A an explanation of the hypothesis test that you will use to perform the test (5 points)
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