277 : Miss Edmea furiously cranking her dad's BMW

Miss Edmea, dressed with a red top, black and white striped skirt and grey high heels, is going to a party. She is ready to go, she only needs to fire up her dad's BMW and then drive off to the party place!

So she gets in the car, turns the key and waits for the engine to come alive... But the car won't start! She starts wondering what the hell is going on, as this car was reliable until last time!

What happened? At first she thinks that the engine doesn't receive enough fuel, so she pushes hard on the gas pedal and keep it pressed to see if this idea can help. But after a lot of begging, she realizes this does not work.

So she starts pumping the gas pedal, and go on begging the poor car to wake up, but still nothing happens there! The panic is rising in her. She is so desperate that she is willing to try anything to get to the party!

She thinks that it might be the shoes the problem, so she immediately removes the heels, and put some sport shoes with socks to see if it fix the issue. But still nothing! Maybe with just the socks?

Still nothing...Maybe without them as well? Still nothing... Seems like her dad's car doesn't want to let her go...

Will she manage to start the car and head to the party?
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