Sue Set 1 Part 1

Sue is a South East Asian surfer girl who spends her spare time at the beach. Her toes have beautiful symmetry and the soles of her feet are very soft most likely from spending so much time in the ocean waters and the sand which provide that natural pedicure. I could tell at the beginning of the session that she was completely new to this and you can see her giggling as I was explaining to her different things you can do with feet for pleasure and health. What I like about her is she is very open minded to having her feet pampered in different ways that go beyond pedicures at the salon. We went over some techniques that I learned in reflexology and introduced her to my special technique of cupping massage (kissing). It was most certainly a hour of heaven with all senses fully indulged.  This session with her has inspired me to search for more surfer girls to introduce them to this lifestyle. 30 photos
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