GB590 Ethics in Business and Society Unit 1 Assignment..DOCX

GB590 Ethics in Business and Society Unit 1 Assignment.

Unit 1 Assignment

Describe the moral dilemma identify the competing rights and how these make it a moral dilemma.

An example of a right-versus-right moral dilemma from my past would be based on both rules-based and care-based thinking. My first job ever was when I was 16 and it was working part time for a local McDonald’s. Even thought I was young I was promoted to an assistant manager very quickly. A friend of mines also started working at McDonald’s at the same time that I did. We became even closer spending nights working at McDonalds together. Since we were both in high school we pretty much had the same hours which meant we were able to walk home and catch rides home together since our neighborhoods were close. When I got promoted my friend was also up for the job but didn’t receive it, because I did. I found out later the reason why I received the job and not she was because I was overall a better leader, communicator and quick learner. Not to mention I was always on time. My manager told me there was
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