BSHS 322 Week 2 Individual Assignment My Beliefs, Values, and Clinical Gestalt with Individuals

My Beliefs, Values, and Clinical Gestalt with Individual’s and Systems’ Paper:

Review your text exercises and journal entries from week one and two.  In particular review Exercises 1.4 (‘Your Values and Beliefs’), 2.5 (‘Your Clinical Gestalt), 3.11 (‘Immediate and Larger Systems Contexts’), 4.3 (‘Clients I Might Find Hard to Accept’), and 4.4 (‘Clinical Repose’). 

In your paper, revisit your responses and address the text exercises in 4.3 ‘Clients I Might Find Hard to Accept’, and 4.4 ‘Clinical Repose’ from a Human Services Management Perspective.  What types of clients and/or human service staff might your find hard to accept? (4.3). What would be your ‘Human Service Management’ Repose? (4.4). Include some of these observations in your paper.  This paper may be presented in first person voice.

The paper should address what you are learning about your personal and professional assumptions about clinical helping and their relationship to your own beliefs, values, past experiences, familiar and cultural background, the larger societal and systems contexts of your life, and the types of clients you may have to work with.  Add any insights you have gained about the strengths you have and any areas that you have determined will need to be worked on further. 

Write a paper of at least 1050-1400 words in APA format with at least three reference citations (one can be the text.) 

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