Raise Your Voice: A Cause Manifesto, a Guide to Nonprofit Marketing and Communications

When your nonprofit is not generating impact, achieving its fundraising goals, or attracting new supporters, does it make you feel like there's nothing else you can do?

Don't give up! Nonprofits that develop a strategic communications framework and unleash the power of their brand through strategy, design, and purpose inspire advocates and influence stakeholders to achieve improved fundraising results.

"Raise Your Voice" brings clarity to why and how an organization's vision, communications, relationships, and personality are the foundation of its brand and story. It helps leaders make their story clear and compelling, so donors listen, care, and act.

Are you an executive director or nonprofit professional that needs guidance and insight, so your organization is focused, inspiring, and engaging--but don't know where to turn for help?

Filled with insights into how strategic communications attract and retain sponsors, donors, and stakeholders, "Raise Your Voice" is a marketing guidebook for that helps make the difference your organization makes personal and relatable to the people who support it.

It is a clear, concise guide to branding and how to make your organization's values, purpose, mission, vision, message and marketing part of the everyday story of your team, supporters, and fans.

This book is not your typical how-to on fundraising or communications. It is a very concise book about mission-driven work, written for those who live and love the cause they in which they believe. It will help you gain clarity with your communications to achieve more impact, reach your goals, and fulfill your mission.

The principles of The Cause Manifesto will help you lead your organization through four dimensions of culture and communications. Purpose, passion, people, and promise-focused principles will empower you and developing leaders around you to simplify strategy, clarify your messaging, transform your culture, and inspire people to listen, learn, care, and act.

Find clarity and a clear path toward making every issue-oriented community more persuasive and influential. "Raise Your Voice" is full actionable ideas to better communicate within your organization, with your stakeholders, and about the cause you care about the most.

Does your nonprofit or mission-driven business struggle to find its voice, clarify its message, and create a brand people love? Understand how to build a brand that positions your organization to thrive, grow, and achieve greater impact.

"Raise Your Voice: A Cause Manifesto" is called a "must-read" for development professionals, program officers, executive directors, and board members. It is a valuable resource for corporate social responsibility, and for businesses that create value for customers, shareholders, and the community.

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