Option International" Please respond to the following.DOC

Option International" Please respond to the following

Option International" Please respond to the following:
Review the Option International Website-THIS IS THE E-Activity http://www.option.com/about/
1. Fromthe e-Activity, determine how selectionism helped this company redefine its business model.
2.Select a new company or one selected in a previous discussion. Compare the challenges and the strategy used in Option International with your selected company.
3.Provide an example of a project that would benefit from selectionism that was not discussed in the textbook or by another student, and explain why it would be beneficial.
4.Imagine you are a project leader. In your own words, define selectionism to your new project team, and explain why one of the biggest risks of selectionism is not to reach closure.
5.Determine the potential ethical issues associated with selectionism.
In the video, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B0aPgJPDyTQ
ichael T. Pich, one of the textbook authors, recommends two approaches for uncertainty and subsequently risks. As companies strive to remain in business, there are many economic, social, and technological unknowns.
6. as a project leader, determine how you would explain Pich’s three classical approaches to your project team.
7. from the e-Activity, video -
provide an example of a project choosing selectionism and learning.
8.Reexamining the Circored Project from Chapter 2-
-explain the cost of Darwinian selectionism.
9.For this project, explain the benefit of the contingency planning approach.
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