Surf Shimmy

Surf Shimmy


Guitar, Bass, Drums, Organ

I gotta admit, I've never been to a clambake, only ever fish boils... which are similar, except for clambakes usually involve mollusks and giant sea-bugs, and fish boils involve fish. Also, clambakes are more steaming and fish boils are more boiling. You're more likely to see Green Bay Packers jerseys at fish boils, and more likely to see New England Patriots jerseys at clambakes. This music is west-coast, though... The more I think about it - the less useful this descriptive paragraph becomes.

Uncompressed download comes with a couple mild variations, including "Psychedelic".

This download includes the following files:

Surf Shimmy - Bass.wav

Surf Shimmy - Drums.wav

Surf Shimmy - Full Mix.wav

Surf Shimmy - Guitar 1.wav

Surf Shimmy - Lo-Fi.wav

Surf Shimmy - Organ.wav

Surf Shimmy - Psychedelic Mix.wav

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ISRC: USUAN1700018
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