Monica Richards - Naiades - Full Album

In 2012, Monica released NAIADES to wide critical acclaim. NAIADES, featuring guitars and bass by horror writer, Steve Niles. As a writer, composer and singer, NAIADES (named after mythological Greek sea nymphs) adds new elements of Monica's tribal style to harder rock anthems and neoclassical soundscapes. With the addition of Niles's raw style, NAIADES creates an all new level of expression: " a melt-in-your-ear masterpiece, a perfect mix of strength and vulnerability in both sound and vision". 
  1. Naiades
  2. Pride
  3. EndBegin
  4. Armistice
  5. Alaric
  6. Scylla & Charybdis
  7. The Mighty
  8. Nereides
  9. Lureinlay
  10. The Strange Familiar
  11. The Tail of Two
  12. We Go On

VERY SPECIAL GUESTS:Pride (Steve Niles: Bass & Guitars, Chad Blinman: Drums)Armistice (Steve Niles: Bass, Steven James: Guitars)Alaric (Steve Niles: Bass)The Mighty (Marzia Rangel: Cellos)Lureinlay (Paul Mercer: Violin & Violas, Davis Petterson, Chandler Rentz: Additional Percussion)The Strange Familiar (Marzia Rangel: Cellos)The Tail of Two (Steve Niles: Bass & Guitars, Chad Blinman: Drums)We Go On (Steve Niles: Guitars, Chad Blinman: Drums)
CREDITS:Written, Composed and Recorded by Monica RichardsLos Angeles, CACo-produced, Mixed and Mastered by Chad [email protected] The Eyesocket, BostonExcept: LureinlayAdditional Instrumentation engineered by Bruce BennettMixed by Paul Mercer and Bruce [email protected] Bruce Bennett Studios, Atlanta, GA
All Music & Lyrics by Monica RichardsExcept Pride, The Tail of Two, We Go On by Monica Richards & Steve NilesAlaric Lyrics by J.F.M. DovastonNAIADES © & p Elyrian Music/BMI - 2012
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