High Level Confidence/Success MP3

High Level Confidence And Success 9.0

10 Minute Audio Subliminal Mp3 Download

By Raising The Bar You Empower Yourself Empowered By A New Level Of 

Confidence And Success There Is Literally No-Thing That You Can't Achieve

This Subliminal Mp3 Provides A Profound But Subtle Change You Will Notice After About 5 Sessions That Something Amazing Is Already At Work Within You But Continue On To a Minimum Of 49 Days 1-4 Times Daily.

Excellent For Anyone Who Desires A Positive Outlook On Life Easily And Naturally

High Impact Booster affirmations for high level confidence and success 

Unique Inaudible professional spoken script In Ocean Waves Format

Safe For Children And Pregnant Mothers Contains No Binaural Brain Wave Entrainment.

Command Script:

I have confidence in myself. I have confidence in everything that i do. I lead with confidence. I boost my confidence daily. Yes you are confident. I instill confidence and success. I instill faith and reassurance. I am resilient. I have no fear. I see myself confident. I see myself successful. My success is assured. My self esteem increases daily. I imprint confidence and success daily. I am positive and optimistic. I believe things will always work out for the best. I am successful right now. I choose to be happy. I choose to be confident. I choose to be successful. I allow it in. I trust myself. I create the life that i want. I am calm and peaceful. I am loved. I am an amazing person. I have a high level of confidence. I embrace the miracle that i am It is wonderful. I give my self respect. I am good at something. I am competent smart and able. I am worthy. Yes you are worthy. I keep my energy and confidence on high throughout the day. I make things happen. I feed myself good feelings. I feel great. I give myself permission to be true to who i am. I transmit perfect nourishment  to my inner being my core self. I eliminate negative self talk. I increase positive self talk. I have a purpose. I easily express my opinions. I have ambition. I have a vision. I take opportunities. I believe i am capable of much more. I truly love myself the person living. I let go of self blame and self hatred. I let go of all dreadful thoughts. I attract positive and kind people into my life. I am flexible. I adapt to change quickly. I speak my mind with confidence and self worth. I radiate faith and belief in myself. I can do something with my life.   I have independent self worth. The worth of my real self. I constantly feel good. I constantly feel happy. I seek goodness in everything i do. I am blessed with a strong mind and body. I can handle whatever comes my way. I am self aware. I am made for amazing things. I have sureness of mind. I have strength of inner self. I have positive sense of self. I am bold mighty forces come to my aid. My life has meaning and purpose. I walk with confidence. I keep my head up high. I deserve good things and good people in my life. Everything turns out good for me. I believe in my self. I experience a sense of joy. I think good thoughts. I accomplish great things. I increase my self worth.  I increase my net worth. I attract my best and highest good always here and now. I look and feel my very best.
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