QSO 300 Introduction to Operations Management

QSO 300 Introduction to Operations Management

Operations Management

QSO 300 Introduction to Operations Management

Essay Questions

Question 1:

List several of the major differences between manufacturing and service operations and then articulate the importance of a strong manufacturing base to the overall economy. 

Question 2

Describe the objectives of aggregate (production) planning and the relationship between the aggregate plan and the master production schedule.

Question 3:

Explain the logic behind how MRP’s gross-to-net calculations are processed.  What input files are included in this process?

Question 4:

Define the theory of constraints (TOC) and list the five steps in the TOC process.

Question 5:

What are the four criteria for determining the effectiveness of a scheduling decision?

Question 6:

Riverside Metal Works produces cast bronze valves on a 10-person assembly line. On a recent day, 160 valves were produced during an 8-hour shift.

Question 7:

Boreki Enterprise has the following 10 items in inventory. CEO Theodore Boreki asks you to divide these items into an ABC classification:
Develop an ABC classification system for the 10 items.

How can Boreki use this information? 

Boreki reviews the classification and then places item A2 into the A category. Why might he do so?
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