The Overachiever's Guide to Yoga - Full Version

This eBook is a collection of 40 pose breakdowns inspired by my #overachieversguidetoyoga tutorials on Instagram, designed to help you cultivate a safe, stable, and sustainable yoga practice. 

Read about and see the most common misalignments and practice pitfalls in a broad spectrum of familiar yoga poses, presented in a clear, understandable way. Many poses within this guide are exclusive and have not been posted to social media before! 

In over 100 pages, this guide covers: 

  • Foundational Postures

  • Forward Folds

  • Standing Balances

  • Core Strength

  • Inversions

  • Backbends

  • Seated Poses

  • Twists

If you're a self-taught practitioner or simply want to strive less and enjoy more in your yoga practice, this foundational guide will help you go further.

Cat Valadez (E-RYT200, RYT500) has been practicing yoga since 2006, and teaching since 2012. She is a natural teacher who blends a respect for traditional yoga methods with a scientific understanding of anatomy and biomechanics. Her mission is to help people access their unlimited strength and wisdom, and practice yoga safely and sustainably.
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