Mechanical Cabaret - Beyond Science And Superstition - Album - 10 tracks

Our new album! Released November 5th 2013, Beyond Science And Superstition sees Steve Bellamy [Greenhaus/Kamakusa] now officially recording together with me (Roi) as a full-time band member. Have a listen to the track Detox/Retox from the album... Together we’ve developed the no-nonsense synthpunk of earlier releases, pushing the boundaries of the Mechanical Cabaret sound into previously uncharted territories. The title of the album reflects my continuing lyrical exploration of/obsession with the realities of life - how things *really* are - as opposed to how both Science and Superstition attempt, and frequently fail, to explain things in this universe we find ourselves in, often confusing or misleading us all in the process... The stock-in-trade fiercely intense, sometimes dark, wayward elements are still present, as is the perversity and black humour, but now positively glowing with a new-found warmth and humanity. With our ever-increasing collection of vintage analogue synths, samplers, digital synths, circuit-bent machines, and an esoteric array of other instruments too, we hope we’ve managed to produce an interesting, unique album of retro-futuristically danceable and experimental electronic music. Have a listen to our 'MiniMegamix' containing a snippet of each song from the album! The super sci-fi artwork was made and designed by our dear friend, the artist Adam Cavill Track listing: 1. Kit Kat 2.Why So Serious? 3. Nothing To Hide 4. I Lost My Friend To A Video Game 5. Detox/Retox 6. The Death Of The Porn Queen 7. It Just Is 8. Well, I Never! 9. Out Of Sync 10. Hold On For Dear Life
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