FP101 Week 1 Personal Financial Portfolio Project Personal

Personal Financial Portfolio: Personal Cash-Flow Statement
Reading and listening are great ways to learn, but there’s no substitute for diving in and doing. That’s where the Personal Financial Portfolio, or PFP, comes into play. The PFP is a Microsoft® Excel® workbook you are going to use throughout the course to do some real hands-on learning.
Download a Personal Financial Portfolio Workbook and the corresponding Instruction Booklet from the student website to get started.
• Using your own financial data
o To get the most out of the PFP, you’re strongly encouraged to choose the workbook and instructions titled PFP - Your Profile and work with your personal financial data.
o Regardless of the financial issues you might have—credit card debt, IRS debt, inadequate insurance, and so forth—your financial situation is nothing to be ashamed of. Nobody’s perfect; everyone has problems. Working with your own financial data means you will be able to tweak, analyze, and learn from it so you can stand in your truth and get started down your path to financial freedom.
o Although it’s true that you’ll submit your PFP to your facilitator, it will remain strictly confidential.
• Using the data from a fictitious profile
o If you’re not comfortable sharing your personal financial data, that’s okay. There are six fictitious PFP profiles you can work with instead, which are listed in the University of Phoenix Material: Fictitious PFP Profiles.
o Read the descriptions of the profiles in the Fictitious PFP Profiles document located on the student website.
o Download the workbook and instructions corresponding to the fictitious profiles, but only if you do not want to use your personal financial data.
o Even if you choose to work with one of the fictitious profiles, you should also download and save the PFP - Your Profile workbook and its directions. You may not use it now, but because it is such a valuable tool to understanding your own personal financial situation, you will want it later.
Save all workbooks and instruction booklets to a convenient place on your computer, such as your desktop, where you can access it easily. You will use the same workbook to complete each week’s PFP assignment.
Open the Personal Cash-Flow Statement worksheet from the workbook you selected for your assignments.
Follow the (PFP) Personal Cash-Flow Statement instructions in the instruction booklet you selected to complete this week’s PFP assignment.
Submit your Personal Financial Portfolio in the Assignments section of your student website.
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