Managerial Accounting: P2-5A Freedo Company’s fiscal year ends on June 30

Managerial Accounting
P2-5A Freedo Company’s fiscal year ends on June 30. The following accounts are found in its job order cost accounting system for the first month of the new fiscal year.
Other data:
1. On July 1, two jobs were in process: Job No. 4085 and Job No. 4086, with costs of $19,000 and $8,200, respectively.
2. During July, Job Nos. 4087, 4088, and 4089 were started. On July 31, only Job No. 4089 was unfinished. This job had charges for direct materials $2,000 and direct labor $1,000, plus manufacturing overhead. Manufacturing overhead was applied at the rate of 130% of direct labor cost.
3. On July 1, Job No. 4084, costing $135,000, was in the finished goods warehouse. On July 31, Job No. 4088, costing $143,000, was in finished goods.
4. Overhead was $3,000 underapplied in July.

List the letters (a) through (n) and indicate the amount pertaining to each letter. Show computations
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