November 24 - November 30 Meal Plan & Dollar a Day Training Workouts

In my personal opinion, THIS IS THE BEST MEAL PLAN EVER! 3 favorite meals this week: blueberry banana oatmeal smoothie, crockpot chili, and meaty nachos. This is my personal meal plan designed to build lean muscle to achieve a fit look while losing fat; macros are completely adjustable if desired as all nutrition info is given for each meal!

The week's worth of dollar a day training workouts include 1) legs & glutes circuit 2) chest & triceps 3) Sprinting/Skipping HIIT cardio & abs circuit 4) back & biceps ) 5) shoulders & glutes This split designed to best build a fit body by targeting specific muscle groups. All workouts have specified sets, reps, and weights as well as my personal training tips!
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