An Inspiring Bunch (e-book)

An Inspiring Bunch (e-book)

Reading inspirational and motivational stories of successful people will inspire you, motivate you, and keep your spirits high.

This book tells the success stories of five billionaires who started from scratch, or even from below that point, and became business tycoons.

You probably never heard their stories, or never even heard of them; none of them is Waren Buffet or Bill Gates, or any of the famous billionaires, I wanted to bring to you new stories, which makes reading their stories more exciting, and you'll probably learn a lesson or two (or more).

I also included some of my thoughts and conclusions with each story, along with the lessons I learned myself.

This book is my original writing; it's not a compilation of public files or ready made documents.

You will get the book in PDF format so you can read it on almost any device.

Hope you enjoy my e-book and be both inspired and motivated.
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