ENG 328 Week 2 DQ 1 Collaborative Writing Process1

Collaborative writing can help while in a team to help with the writing process. “The more complex and longer your project, the more likely you will work with others,” (Smith-Worthington & Jefferson, 2011, p. 93). Some advantages to writing collaboratively is that it can the team can learn from each other, time can be more spent more efficiently, and the overall design is improved. Each team member benefits from the knowledge of what the other team members can bring to the table. Also, working in a team can help make time work to their advantage and things can get done in a faster more efficient manner. Overall, the design and method of the team can help with the collaborative process to make the writing and ideas flow better. Some of the disadvantages to collaborative writing can include issues as unleveled workload and interpersonal conflicts. Not everyone works the same or gives as much effort as others so if one or more people do not put in as much work, the other team members may be stuck with doing more work. This can be frustrating because the job needs to get done, but unfortunately some will work harder than others but all will get the same amount of recognition. Also, interpersonal conflicts can be a part of the unleveled workload efforts and or even the individual persons personal habits or background. There could be misunderstandings and it can cause conflicts in the team that can make things difficult to make the team run smoothly
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