Vladdy Enhanced Eyebrows Package V2

Vladdy Enhanced Brows Package V2

This package is for those who wants access to the beautiful, high quality, and HD eyebrows I use on my Mesh Heads on IMVU. This has 18 beautiful eyebrows total. Includes GIMP .XCF and PHOTOSHOP .PSD. πŸ™ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸΏπŸ’―

You can submit these as wearable eyebrows, they are not exclusive to just mesh heads.

Remember to crop the brow that you want and remember to mess with the opacity to get better results!


  • Use these files only on IMVU. That means please do not use my kit on any other game besides IMVU.

  • YOU CAN NOT resell or share my files. The files are only for YOUR use and your use only. If anyone else wants the file pack please link them this page.

  • You can modify the kit as much as you need to. Get comforatable with it, you can customize it as much as you need to!

If there is any problems with the file or you have general questions you can message me on [email protected] or message me on Sellfly.
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