Stop Smoking Now

Hypnosis is popular in the battle to quit smoking because of the success rate. 

But.. In order to quit smoking, one has to understand how the mind works in craving cigarettes. Hypnosis is a tool, not a cure when quitting. In order for any type of mental change to happen, there has to be willingness for change. You have to want to quit smoking and you need to be ready to quit. If you are not, don't download this program now. Come on back and download it when  you are emotionally ready. That is, only when you have had enough! 

You have to be doing this for you, not for anyone else. You were not born a smoker but yet somehow you learned to become one and react to the cravings that come with it. Because this learned action becomes engrained in the sub-conscious mind, many people who try to quit on willpower alone, will consistently fail. Willpower is a conscious effort, but the sub-conscious mind holds your true desires. When the sub-conscious mind and conscious mind hold separate ideas, the sub-conscious mind invariably wins. It has associated a postive feeling with an action that is harmful to you.  Smoking is something you learned, now it is time to unlearn it with this program!
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