Cinematic Landscapes (Samples)

A signature sample library by Russian-based sounddesigner Nick Klimenko aka.Chronos.
Its suited for cinematic atmospheres,original sound tracks & background music for your motion picture.

Whatever genre: nature,historical,commercial or science fiction movie – “Cinematic Landscapes” fits well to supplemet your picture.
Over 3.5 gb of content & more than 400 samples splitted on 9 categories evolve you in a deepest world of cinematic music.

Imagine ancient duduk streched to the evolving drone & cello sound like endless stream with flute like desert sand & acoustic guitar with long bends and slow attack.
Long & moving major & minor landscapes & textures perfectly fits to make deep atmosphere or showing different states of mind.

Deep & low pads & drones making a special mood & helps your picture to shine Field recordings from Incredible India putting you in orient atmosphere of Delhi, Agra, Kajuraho & Rishikesh. Vectors, based on Moog “Animoog” anisotropic synth engine gives you unusual movemets & melodic scales And fx – making your soundtrack more deeper & full.

List of categories & samples:

Pads – 29
Drones – 25
Textures – 72
Landscapes – 38
Guitars – 20
FX – 55
Vectors – 55
Field Recordings – 43
Acoustic Instruments – 58
Type: Single Samples, high quality 24/44 wav

Total: 400 sounds. 100% Royalty Free!