Open the provided GEO101_Lab7_Module7_Map in a drawing program such as MS Paint (PC) or an online painting tool like Pixlr. Using the GEO101_Lab7_Module7_WeatherTable:
Fill in the symbols for each city. Sante Fe has been done for you.
Draw isobars for every 4mb of pressure (988, 992, 996, etc.).
Using the correct symbols, draw the positions of the warm and cold fronts.
Save the image for submission.
Assume that the system is moving 300 miles/day due east. Using the bar scale at the bottom of the map, forecast the weather for the following cities in a separate document. You might need an atlas for this part.
Austin, TX
Bangor, ME
Columbia, SC
Denver, CO
Jacksonville, FL
Louisville, KY
Memphis, TN
New York, NY
Pittsburgh, PA

Here are the forecasts:
Austin, Tx: Pressure rising, temperature dropping, possibly into the 60s. Low chance of rain.
Bangor, ME: Looks like the same as today. Some snow possible in the new few days, though.
Columbia, SC: Drier air coming with some warmer temperatures into the 80s
Denver, CO. As low system heads east, temperatures will rise to 60s
Jacksonville, FL. As the high moves off the coast, the pressure with drop, but the temp will stay about the same in the 80s, winds will pick up
Louisville, KY. Rain, rain and more rain is coming. The drizzle today will intensify, winds will increase, but the temperatures in the 60s will stay.
Memphis, TN. After the drenching yesterday, the weather is still unsettled. Temperatures and pressure will be dropping and thunderstorms are ahead.
New York, NY. No real change. Temperature the same, pressure near the same.
Pittsburgh, PA. Pressure dropping, but still clear.
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