VIDEO - One length silk


Diana´ hair is one length. Diana´s hair is super silky. Her hair is perfect in so many ways, and she absolutely knows about this herself.
Either if it is the hairbrush, her fingers, someone elses fingers or a comb, no matter what it is, it will always slide through her hair without any hesitation or problem.

This video is all about her hair quality, length and silky texture, and of course; how well she is at showing it and playing with it.
We all know the answer to how well she is at playing with it, right?
She is one of the best, and if we would ask her to make long hair videos 24/7, she would do it, she LOVES this, and we are very happy for that!
One of the strongest forces are passion, and it is not hard to see that she has a real passion for the real beauty of very long, natural hair.

She does her signature move, making waves in the beginning of the video, followed by doing the same in front of her, then brushing her hair, running her fingers through it, swinging it from side to side, lifting it, making handheld ponytails and more!

This video is over 15 minutes in length.
Publication date: 11. April 2018

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