224 : Miss Barbie and Miss Black Mamba - the race

Miss Barbie, wearing a gold dress and pink pumps, and miss Black Mamba, wearing a green dress and white pumps, are ready to go!

They are waiting for miss Vicky to come up, but she calls them and explain that she will be late and arrive in 30 mins...

What can the misses do now while waiting?

There is an empty road in front of them, they have two cars... What about a race?

Miss Black Mamba takes the black Panda, while miss Barbie takes the Renault 5! They are at the start point and ready to make some engine suffer...

So they warm up really hard the engines... and then GO! They start the race!

During the first ones Miss Black Mamba is always ahead of miss Barbie, because her little Panda is faster and more powerful than the Renault 5!

But Miss Barbie wants to try again and again and hope for a miracle! She also tries barefeet because maybe she can push harder on the floor the gas pedal, but apparently nothing seems to help her go faster....

Will Vicky find them doing the race? What will she says about that?
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