Managing exacerbations of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

Read the assigned peer-reviewed Nursing journal article and provide a brief summary of the article. Please only use this article as the reference, no other sources. . Choose a concept that you learned about in the article and describe how you would implement it into YOUR OWN Nursing practice (i.e. patient education, application of a skill or treatment guidelines, etc.) 
2 pages maximum. Paper length does not include the Title page or Reference List. No Abstract required. Please do not exceed 2 pages. It must be 2 pages exact, or 1-2 lines short on the second page.
The paper must include an Introduction to the topic, Review of the Article, Application to your Nursing practice, and a Conclusion. I will provide the article for you to read and use ONLY. This is a SCHOLARLY REVIEW PAPER, please use the appropriate language.
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