Lofi Sample Pack (Vol. 1)

this kit contains:
- 100's of one hits
- 16 claps
- 6 snaps
- 15 cymbals
- 21 drum breaks
- 2 drum fills
- 8 perc loops
- 41 fx
- 47 hats & shakers
- 26 kicks
- 30 percs
- 34 snares

this pack contains 170mb of dope lofi hip-hop samples. if you're wondering why the pack isn't free anymore, it's because youtube turned off monetization for channels under 1,000 subscribers. 
i also want to say from the bottom of my heart how grateful and blessed i am to have 700 subs!!! that's fuckin insane, never thought i could ever get this far. 
if you buy this pack, thank you soooo much, as i really need to money at the moment. 

i will also be releasing a free lofi hip-hop sample pack vol. 2 once i get 1,000 subscribers. if you want to help out and get me there faster, go ahead and like the video and share it with a friend or two, as it will go a hell of a long way.

thank you soo much,
- xander
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