COLL 100 Week 5 Assignment.DOCX

COLL 100 Week 5 Assignment

Create a document in Microsoft Word that is formatted as an annotated bibliography. On the document:

  • State the format style you are using: Chicago, APA, MLA, or Bluebook.

  • The annotated bibliography can easily be built from the source search worksheetused in week 3 of this course and additional sources you have selected.

  • List at least four (4), different types of credible sources (not just four websites) you will use in your final career interest project.

  •       Two (2) of these sources should be scholarly and from the APUS library.

Provide the essential information for each source including

  • author name(s)

  • title of the source

  • and other details required by your chosen citation style.

For each source, write an original paragraph of five to eight (5-8) sentences

  • summarizing the source information (annotations)

  • evaluating the sources and explaining why the source could be relevant to your project

  • Write the summary in your own words rather than providing a copy of the abstract.

After submitting the assignment, review your similarity score and make sure your score is less than 20%. If it is higher than 20%, expand on your summary and explanation then submit the revision.

Information about creating an annotated bibliography and what one looks like can be found in the APUS library:

Remember: Select ONE citation method you want to use based on your academic degree program. Return to Lesson 4 if you need to see the list of disciplines and their corresponding citation styles. The majority of students will probably use APA, but MLA, but Chicago/Turabian may also be used.

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