LMD-Multicurrency forex trading system for MT4

It is a multi-currency stock indicator used to analyze the correlations between different currency pairs.
The strength and weakness of both currencies helps to understand the trend of a pair.

. The values with positive correlation
. One of the values suffered a downward trend, the other one as well.
. One of the securities undergoes a bullish trend, the other also.

. Negative or Reverse Correlated Values
. One of the securities suffered a downward trend, the other suffered a bullish trend.
. One of the securities is subject to a bullish trend, and the other suffered a downward trend.

The LMD-Multicurrency HeatMap indicator shows a control panel or dashboard that identifies heat zones (heat map or thermal map) in which the currency pair is currently in accordance with the position of the ALMD-Multicurrency indicator to determine the periods Up (up) or down (down).
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