The Cat Encyclopedia - The Definitive Visual Guide

The Cat Encyclopedia - The Definitive Visual Guide

This new encylopedia is both a definitive guide to cats and a wonderful tribute to one of the world's best-loved animals. Illustrated with superb photographs, the book presents a stunning catalog of more than 130 breeds, including all those recognized by the leading breed registries, with facts about development, full descriptions, and data on size and colour.

An introduction to the book unravels the mystery surrounding cats, explaining where they came from and how they evolved from wild hunter to pampered pet. A section on felines in human culture looks at the way cats have been interpreted in art, literature, myth, and folklore, and why at various times throughout their long history they have been both worshipped as gods and feared as demons. What makes a cat a cat is covered in the chapter on feline biology, which also explains the variations in patterns and coat types and discusses the characteristics of different breeds.

A final chapter provides practical information on cat care, with a fascinating guide to understanding cat behaviour and tips on training and dealing with behavioural problems.

A visual feast and a source of expert guidance, The Cat Encyclopedia is a complete reference for all potential cat owners and confirmed cat lovers.

English | 322 pages | PDF | 78.2 MB
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