Space Combat Kit

Updated 10/25/20174.18 release Updated 10/22/2017UE4 Release Version - if you want a refund to buy on the UE4 marketplace please contact me! moved ships to instanced materials
added 6 instanced materials per ship - Red, Yellow, White, Blue, Green, and Black
improved Overview level

fixed camera position on demonstration level
removed stray, unnecessary actors
removed extra cameras on capital firelance
misc bug fixes, clean up Long Description: The Space Combat Kit is a 100% blueprint mini-game/starter kit to make your own space combat game.

Included is a fighter - the Hawk - both the mesh and pilotable blueprint with 6 degrees of freedom, and with combat AI that has avoidance to fly them. Fighters can make use of a variety of modular weapons - animated cannons, miniguns, missile launchers and torpedoes.

To spawn your fighters, there is also the Firelance Capital Cruiser. The Firelance's animated hangars can serve as respawn zones for fighters. Capital ships can have their flight paths pre-made with the Spline Follower Component and a Spline Path (so can any other actor!) or you can take control of them directly.

To defend your Capital's, there's 3 included turrets with 4 AI modes - Anti-Fighter, Anti-Capital, Anti-All, and ParentControlled.

Spawn hundreds of destructible asteroids efficiently with the Instanced Destructible Asteroid Generator.

Asteroids are also optional in the SpaceScape skybox - compatible with SpaceScape to make your own free backgrounds. 4 included.

Technical Specifications:

Current Feature List:
Firelance Capital Cruiser - Pilotable or custom spline flight paths
Hawk Fighter - 6DoF flight
Fighter & Capital AI with avoidance
Spline Follower Component
3 Animated Turrets with 4 AI Styles
4 Animated Weapons
4 SpaceScapes
3 Asteroids with two materials each
Instanced Destructible Asteroid Field Generator
Modular Cockpit
Easily swap in different ships or weapons
Example Game Mode
Youtube Tutorials
Full VR Support
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