Version 1.5 has now been updated to include 3 simple controls for pitch, bass and treble tweaking!

Drip is a collection of 86 glitchy, organic percussive samples. Painstakingly created, every sound comes from old-world sources like antique radios and vinyl turntables, treated with the highest caliber of modern analog effects.

Drip comes in both Kontakt Instrument format, and includes the raw Wav audio samples neatly organized. You need the full retail version of Kontakt 5.1 or later to use the NKI instrument preset.

Drip is perfect for minimalist, subdued electronic music. Use them to spice up your loops, or create whole new ones from scratch with ease.

Please note the 30 samples from the free update are not included in the Octatrack sample chain or Kontakt preset, but only as additional Wav samples

**Disclaimer: You are free to use the included audio as you choose (any music production, or commercial sound design etc.) but the license does not permit you to create and distribute derivative works in an un-modified form.**

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