Clash Defiant

170 bpm
Basses, Cellos, War Horn, Brass, Percussion, Choir

You want battle music? You can't HANDLE the battle music! Meh. You probably can. As battle music goes, this is pretty tame - no blaring trumpets or hyperactive xylophones... Why? Dialog! You can actually talk over this battle music! Feel free to punctuate with your own stabs after you cut around your dialog. Or don't. You can use this as a loop on your Twitch stream for anything... battle-y. That rough spiccato bass line is off the hook! (Do people still say "off the hook"? I might be a few years late on that.) 

It includes the main track as well as several individual parts so you can make your own mixes.

Clash Defiant - Horns and Voices.wav
Clash Defiant - Percussion 1.wav
Clash Defiant - Percussion 2.wav
Clash Defiant - Percussion 3.wav
Clash Defiant - Percussion 4.wav
Clash Defiant - Strings.wav
Clash Defiant.wav
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