HDL 670 Diversity Research Project—Multicultural Interview Reflection (75 points)

As a portion of your Diversity Research Project in HDL 670, you must complete a structured interview with an individual from your selected diverse population or cultural group. ( I have chose the Hispanic’s culture as a diverse population)

The Interview Project Guidelines--

Stipulations for your interview:
1. Your interview must be structured according to the Project Guidelines.
2. Your interview must be conducted in person or over the telephone/live internet video.
3. Your interview must be conducted during the current semester.

Making contact with the Interviewee:
When making contact with the individual person, clearly introduce yourself and share that you are a graduate student at Murray State University completing a multicultural interview project. Ask them if they would consider answering a few questions regarding diversity and leadership.

Schedule a convenient time for an interview (in person, over the phone/live internet video). Offer to share a list of possible questions with them prior to the interview along with the assignment overview information (an electronic format document will be provided to you). Assure them that their name or identifying information will not be disclosed in your reflection assignment.

Interview Questions:
Begin the interview with an introduction of the course and this project. Then, allow these questions to guide the interview. Feel free to add others that are especially relevant to your research field.

1. Tell me about yourself, place of employment, job title.
2. What does diversity mean to you? Do you consider yourself to be diverse?
3. How would you describe your ethnicity? Cultural heritage?
4. What are some aspects of your identity that you most value? How does diversity or culture impact your identity?
5. Are there any cultural/ethnic/family/religious/holiday traditions that you greatly value?
6. How do you view leadership from your worldview?

Interview Follow-Up:
After the interview, it will be appropriate to send a thank you email or note to the interviewee thanking them for their time.

The Reflection Assignment--

This assignment allows you to reflect on your preparations and research prior to the interview, the interview itself and your analysis of your learning after the interview. The questions noted are intended to guide your thoughts as you reflect on your interview.

Please follow the following headings and format for your Multicultural Interview Reflection. It should be written in narrative, formal tone. It is not appropriate to list each question and respond. Use APA citation when referencing other work.

Preparing for the Interview

• How did you select this individual to interview? How did you contact him/her?
• What did you do to prepare for your interview?
• Describe the research sources you utilized to prepare for the interview.
• What was your level of comfort or anxiety prior to the interview?

Overview of the Interview

• Share an overview or summary of the interview
• What was some of the most interesting information shared during your interview?
• Was the information you learned in the interview similar to what you have been reading in the literature?

Reflection of the Interview

• What did you learn about yourself through this experience?
• How has this field experience better informed your research?
• How has your worldview been expanded through this experience?
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