"Glitched" Personal Website - Fully Customizable, Colorful, and Noob Friendly!

So this was originally a resource, but it seems resources are broken, so I'll just take sales manually until fixed.
Extending to some great lengths, I was able to put this resource together to hopefully allow members to create their own personal website designs, which feature the infamous "glitching text" effect.
This is not a one-time offer, and I do plan to update this with more functionality in the future, so purchase while the price is low!

  • Smooth integration of Particles.JS

  • Optional "Colorful" mode, particles change colors every refresh

  • Full optimization over the glitching effect, background image, and personal links

  • A clean play/pause button & volume slider

  • Simple set-up guide included

  • No "programming" knowledge necessary!

Just a peek of the functionality this website offers!
Preview of site using a background: https://vgy.me/GERYBn.gifPreview of site without background: https://vgy.me/DxICY7.gif
In both previews I am refreshing to provide demonstrations of the color scheme.
Not a fan of the changing colors? The file shows you how to change it to a preferred color.
Not a fan of the blue & red glitch 'colors'? Modifiable as well.
This resource will only remain 6.99 for a limited time, so buy it and boast about your KNAWLEDGE.
Terms Of Service:

  1. This resource is intended for your use only.

  2. You will not chargeback upon purchase.

  3. You will not attempt to resell, release, or trade the contents of this sale.

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