340 : The Boss Fiat Coupé is my slave - featuring Miss Iris

Today Miss Iris boss is out of the office for a meeting ... our lovely girl steals the keys of his Fiat Coupé, jumps on board of the car and .. she shows the sporty Fiat who is the real Boss !!She starts the car up, and she immediately starts revving it!

When the engine is warm enough she starts making burnouts and driving this Fiat Coupé the way she likes most ... very aggressively !!

She drives very fast and she  stresses the car tires during every burnout, because she knows how to make really long ones…

She enjoys also some doughnuts as well and some of the fastest drives reverse you have ever seen !!

Yes, definetely the Fiat Coupè is a real slave under her beautiful feet and it does whatever she orders !!
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