728Hz Harmonic Healing MP3

728 Hz The Real Love Frequency MP3 Download

This Is A Very Powerful Healing Audio Program  So Therefore Please Drink Extra Amounts Of Pure Water After Listening And Get Extra Rest When Your Body Form Gives You The Signal

728 Hz heals the dissonant effects caused by 528Hz Saturn black cube frequency. 528 Hz blocks the chakras disconnects the pineal gland via the third eye. 528hz causes further damage to Dna allows intrusion soft kill frequencies to enter a matrix mainframe other effects of 528hz is allowing soft penetration of cell phone tower and television frequencies such as 528hz and GHz increased with brown/brownian noise to blast through a humans protective shield. 528Hz is not a love frequency lime lighted by the cointel it is enochian magic mathmatical formula used in illuminati rituals centralized. By this intrusion the dis-empowering of the will is achieved 528hz creates a magic window for the saturn black cube to enter your matrix, higher levels of consciousness for the unsuspecting human is repressed in a time capsule this is updated information and not meant to scare anyone.

In order for one to be healed of conditions and spiritual enslavement is to find the root cause.

728 Hz heals and nurtures the physical emotional mental and spiritual, opens the chakras heals and repairs Dna elevates higher levels of consciousness re-gain energy spiritual strength. After listening to this a few times notice how good you feel.

Listen 3-4 Times Weekly
Does not contain Brain wave entrainment or subliminal affirmations. headphones are optional.
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