BSA 411Week 5 Learning Team Business System Analysis Methodology Paper

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BSA 411 Week 5 Learning Team: Business System Analysis Methodology Paper
Review the Learning Team Instructions.
Consolidate the Learning Team assignment deliverables from Weeks Two through Five to create the 4- to 6-page Business System Analysis Methodology Paper. Incorporate feedback from your instructor. The paper should include the following:

  • Description of the organization and need:

    • Brief description of the selected organization

    • Identification and description of a business need that is one of the following types of business analysis situations:

      • Getting what you do not have

      • Improving or changing what you have

    • Checklist to assure completeness of the analysis

  • Methodology:

    • Key methodology components and features

    • Deliverables from the methodology

    • Steps of the methodology and how they relate to the project life cycle

  • Barriers, risks, and mitigation:

    • Barriers and risks in applying the methodology, including:

      • Logistics and time lines

      • Conflicting goals and priorities

      • Resource limitations

    • Mitigation of risk imposed in application of the methodology, including:

      • Cost benefit

      • Risk analysis

  • Approach to methodology:

    • Tangible and intangible benefits

    • Recommendation(s)

    • Monitoring and evaluation, including:

      • Procedures for handoff to development and implementation teams

      • Schedule for post-implementation audit

Submit your assignment using the Assignment Files tab.
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