Exam Two

You are to create the following classes (you can create more if you wish or if you think they are needed):


                Name, address, Phone Number, and email address

Employee (an employee is a person)

                Date Hired, Hourly Rate, Positon

Manager (a Manager is an employee)

                Title, Department

Note: You will create the following extra classesa: Name, Address and Date

You are to write all necessary methods and fields to create the above three classes.  The methods must be created within the classes (not in main).  You are to have some type of menu that will allow a user to 

•       Add/Edit a Manger

•       Add/Edit an Employee

•       Add/Edit a Person

•       Display all managers (ordered by name)

•       Display all employees (ordered by name in descending order)

•       Display all people (unsorted)

•       Display one manager

•       Display one employee

•       Display one person

You are to allow for up to 20 managers, 100 employees and 500 people.  You and your group are to create a design tool, UMLs for each class and the program.  Each individual will receive 50 percent of his or her grade from the group assignment, the other 50 percent will come from the oral interview on March 2, 2015.  
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