Linde Order Picker Type 5212: V10 Operating Instructions (User Manual)

Original Illustrated Factory Operating Instructions (User Manual) for Linde Order Picker Type 5212.

Original factory manuals for Linde Forklift Trucks, contains high quality images, circuit diagrams and instructions to help you to operate and repair your truck

Covered models:

Format: PDF, 104 Pages
Language: English


1. Foreword
    Linde − Your Partner 
    EC declaration of conformity
    Safety instructions 
    Standard version and optional equipment 
    Truck identification, Factory nameplate
    Product support documentation 
    Safe-keeping and passing on 
    Copyright and proprietary rights 
    Operating personnel, form of address
    General safety advice 
    General safety information
    Non-ionising radiation 
    Special safety advices for engaging loads
    Safe handling of operating media 
    Risk assessment 
    Residual dangers
    Residual hazards with commissioner trucks 
    Application area
    Original parts
    Directives and guidelines 
    Driver permit 
3. Overview
    Safety equipment
    Description oftruck 
    Intended use 
    View of the truck with low mast 
    View of the truck with a high lift mast 
    View of the control compartment
    Braking system 
    Steering system
4. Operation
    Transporting and loading 
    Traction battery 
    Daily commissioning 
    Control devices 
    Operator´s console 
    Standard display unit 
    LCD display unit with keypad 
    Displays, information 
    Switching on the control system 
    Emergency abseil system 
    Driving without guidance 
    Driving with automatic guidance 
    Load pick-up 
    Diagram of permissible loads 
    Load pick-up without automatic guidance 
    Load pick-up with automatic guidance
    Parking and Decommissioning the truck 
    Parking and leaving the truck 
5. Maintenance
    Securing the load carrier 
    Removing the hood 
    Fuses in general 
    Emergency operation
    Emergency lowering valve 
    Servicing - General 
    Maintenance schedule
    Battery check
    Lubrication schedule 
6. Technical Data
    Technical Data* 
    Driving speeds
7. Optional Equipment
    Pedestrian operation 
    Two-person cab
    Working platforms
    Trucks for use in cold storage 
    Load-side operating panel 
    Battery on roller tracks 
    Acoustic warning signal
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