PeterBullet 352 for American Truck Simulator

Compatible with ATS v1.33

PeterBullet 352 Cabover for American Truck Simulator.

Completely standalone truck.

*1 cab
*4 chassis options including 1 short tandem, 1 long tandem, 1 long tri-drive, 1             long tri-drive + lift axle
*Lots of engines and transmissions
*Lots of accessories
*Not a cartoonish exterior model.
*Paint jobs to be available on Steam Workshop, template availabe for free at my        store.
*Random future updates with parts/improvements.

As always, every effort will be made to keep it compatible with future game updates, so keep an eye out for email notifications that may show up in your spam/promotional email folder.

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There is no guarantee that any of my mods will work forever, but I will do my best to keep them functional/updated as long as I am able to do so.